CEDE 2018 Stars contest - winners - IT and dental education

Foundation “With a smile for life”

Category: IT and dental education

Manufacturer: Fundacja do walki z nowotworem jamy ustnej "Z uśmiechem przez życie"

Country: Poland

Exhibitor: Fundacja do walki z nowotworem jamy ustnej "Z uśmiechem przez życie"

Patio   Stand P.10


The Foundation “With a Smile for Life” helps fight against oral cancer. The main objectives of the Foundation are: -dissemination of knowledge and information about cancers of the mouth -great importance of the dentist role as a practitioner in the prevention of cancer. To achieve our goals we made a lot of very significant actions like: -we co-organized series of lectures that focused on the prevention of cancer, oral cancer treatment, screening examination. During the lectures we also presented modern methods of early detection of oral cancer. -we also organized an action called "Open days in the dentist office" Action focused around many dental offices and clinics. During campaign we conducted free dental examinations for people who sign up. In total, 4500 patients were examined in 90 dental offices. We administrate a website www.zusmiechem.org.pl where we publish information about oral cancer, educational movies and leaflets, information about preventive examinations.


We would like to promote information about cancers of the mouth, prevention of the cancer and early diagnosis. This knowledge should be known by the all dentists and patients.