CEDE 2018 Stars contest - winners - Dental materials

Panavia V5 adhesiv cement

Category: Dental materials

Manufacturer: Kuraray Noritake

Country: Japan

Exhibitor: HAGER

Pavilion 7A   Stand 7a.A13.3


PANAVIA V5 is a double-binding adhesive cement, releases fluoride, has a simplified application technique, is universal for applications and maintains aesthetic and durable consistency. The VANVIA V5, inherent in the TOOTH PRIMER set with the technology reserved for it, is in contrast to numerous other dual composite cements. The monomer and innovative catalyst raises the challenge of modern adhesion and ensures excellent binding of tooth tissues in the chemo-binding component. Amine-free paste, releases fluoride, is color stable and has natural fluorescence. In addition, it ensures color stability after polymerization. These features provide clinically constant, predictable, unchangeable and long-lasting aesthetics.


PANAVIA ™ V5 is a complete kit that is used for cementing all prosthetic works. The biggest advantage is a simplified procedure, one-bottle binding system and primer - conditioner for all adhesive surfaces: composite, porcelain, etc.