CEDE 2018 Stars contest - winners - Dental equipment

Euronda Eurosafe 60 Thermal Disinfector Washer

Category: Dental equipment

Manufacturer: EURONDA

Country: Italy

Exhibitor: Promedus Sp. z o.o.

Pavilion 7A   Stand 7a.B2


The Eurosafe 60 disinfectant complements the Euronda sterilization line perfectly. In each cycle there are several stages: initial washing, proper washing, thermal disinfection and drying. Eurosafe 60 disinfector: - an efficient and effective thermo disinfection process that does not require manual work, eliminates the risk of cuts and infections and damage to instruments - 60 liter capacity - high efficiency and cost savings - 3 factory programs:        SHORT: 45 min        STANDARD: 60 min        INTENSIVE: 75 min - the ability to set your own parameters for 20 cycles - easy-to-use control panel, built-in LCD display - automatic dispensing of detergent depending on the demand in a given cycle - recording of cycle data via USB or printing a report on the printer (optional) - a wide range of accessories and accessories - work safety - door lock during the entire thermo disinfection cycle - compact dimensions: 560 x 825 x 577 mm


For those who put security always in the first place. For those who like to facilitate their work. For those who do not like complications. For those who love things that are well made and durable, time-free. For those who only look for the best ...